Welcome to the Pure Interaction framework page!

I have developed a new way of programming user interfaces. It consists of several parts.
  • The CIW model is the low level part. It why the compositional tree, the interaction tree and the window tree are separate and how you should organize a program to keep the separate and still manageable.
  • The MVC+RW is the MVC paradigm modified and extended. With the help of the CIW model the MVC+RW model is selfcontained. It can describe every interaction part from low level to high level.
  • The Pure Interaction language. This is a definition of how to describe human-computer interaction without talking about how the actual interaction takes place, only talkng about purpose and function.
Timeline so far:
  1. 1997 Worked out the base for the CIW model as my M.sc. thesis
  2. 1998 Continued thinking about the CIW model, actually completed the thesis in December.
  3. 1999 The CIW technology can be used for websites, very cool. started thinking about the PureInteraction layer and other necessary stuff.
  4. October 1999, this site was created.
  5. April 2000 I started working for a company which partially sponsors the development of this free system! The company is nowadays called Seamless Distribution AB.
  6. July 2001 a new theory is brewing! Gosh, this is going to be cool.
  7. February 2002 ok now the ideas are settling down. To build the software I created a new literate programming tool, since I couldn't find any with enough support for Java.

Download M.sc. thesis about the CIW model
Download the example code This code is extremely old and is very difficult to compile. Please be patient for new code, in two months or so!

Mail me at jabberbeak@sourceforge.net

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